1. day one of my week dedicated solstheim and the dragon dlc!

    today: apocrypha, hermaeus mora’s plane of oblivion - this location specifically is inside the winds of change black book

  2. nice afternoon in solitude

  3. inside the mind of pelagius the third 

  4. necromancers trying to resurrect potema in wolfskull cave

  5. "dragons were never gone, they were just invisible, and very very quiet" - m’aiq the liar

  6. fighting malyn varen inside azura’s star

  7. the ghost of svaknir in dead man’s respite


  8. solstheim week anyone?

    how would y’all feel about a week dedicated to solstheim and the dragonborn dlc, similar to my week dedicated to the forgotten vale? i’ve just started playing it again and i haven’t covered much of it before, so anyone interested?

  9. nice morning in morthal


  10. have any of you guys watched sips play skyrim? i’m finally re-watching it and getting all nostalgic, he did sorta convince me to play skyrim in the first place after all.¬†