1. nice morning in morthal


  2. have any of you guys watched sips play skyrim? i’m finally re-watching it and getting all nostalgic, he did sorta convince me to play skyrim in the first place after all. 

  3. the lady stone


  4. i feel like i have a lot of good content coming up for you guys this week, i’ve been playing a few daedric quests and exploring various quests around solitude which i’ve never played before, so this week is gonna be filled with some pretty interesting stuff!

    also hello lovely new followers, talos guide you!



  5. mehrunes-dagons-razor said: The main reason I played Oblivion was so I could kill the adoring fan, does that make me a bad Argonian?

    considering all the mods in skyrim out there that make children and followers like lydia non-essential and killable, not to mention that one that makes Ilireth a deer, I’d say you’re not alone on the front to purge the elder scrolls of its less than desirable characters, kill on my friend!

  6. inside ilinalta’s deep

  7. ilinalta’s deep 

  8. companion ghosts in ysgramor’s tomb

  9. embershard mine

  10. kodlak’s funeral 

    (the absence of close up shots of kodlak’s hearth is due to him bugging out and looking strange)