1. "i’ve been hunting and fishing in these parts for years"


  2. hello new followers!

    a big influx of people have started following me the past couple days so i’d quickly like to say hi to everyone! thanks for taking a look at my screen caps, i hope you stick around!

    talos guide you,



  3. oh shit everyone this mod just came up on nexus and i feel like i’ve been waiting for a mod like this for a million years, i’ll upload pictures of the new models sometime this week!

  4. the walls of windhelm

  5. sabre cat having a lay down on the road to roriksteadĀ 

  6. blood moon at bloated mans grotto

  7. thought i’d take a few shots of my current character and talk about him quickly for y’all if you were interested!

    so, this is rognir embermane, my level 62 (god-mode) nord whose current style is duel wielding swords. my playstyle changes as soon as i finish it’s related perk tree; one handed seems to be taking longer than usual to max out so i’ve been duel wielding for a while now, i’m itching to switch to two handed soon!

    if the whole god-mode play bothers you remember this blog is about giving you guys content from all sections of the game on an almost daily basis which i just can’t do without cheating to some degree. i don’t spawn in weapons/amour or cut to quest scenes or play with console commands like that, all i’m doing is making it a million times faster for me to capture content from the game and have fun while doing it. I’m pretty bad at video games in general so trust me this is a lot more painless for everyone!

    (armour and weapon pictured)

  8. the white stag in falkreath forestĀ 


  9. i get very annoyed when i miss opportunities to screencap pivotal moments in quests and that just happened playing ill met by moonlight - suffice to say i missed that great image of sinding illuminated by the blood moon due to all my dumb mods goddammit. you guys should see other moments from that quest later this week though, thought i’d just vent for a second!

  10. cloudy day in riften